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Bunker harvester model SE 260 made by WIKING

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The model has a swiveling drawbar and a connectable cardan shaft for side-pulled tractor use, the positioning of which is designed to be foldable. The support foot can be folded away for driving operation with a finger movement and is height-adjustable. The positioning units for the crop pick-up can be adjusted in height using a jointed lever, while the associated rollers are individually suspended and can be rotated. The positioning frame can be locked to the bunker bracket, the shares for picking up the crop can be folded. The engine flap on the left and the three maintenance flaps on the rear, also on the left, allow a look inside the machine. The access ladder can be folded inwards for transport, while the safety doors on both sides can be pivoted. The height of the bunker is of course adjustable, the middle bunker frame can be folded in the transfer position and the small bunker frame can be swiveled to match.